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Ghost Immobiliser

Make Your Vehicle Unstealable.

What is a Ghost Immobiliser, and what does it do?

The Ghost Immobiliser is a small electronic device that is installed into your vehicle, which prevents it from starting using your typical car key.

To start your vehicle, you’ll need to enter a disarm sequence which consists of specific presses of the buttons that already exist within your vehicle, such as steering wheel controls.

You’ll still need your original car key in order to start your vehicle once the disarm sequence has been entered.

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Why install a Ghost?

Whilst there are more complex ways vehicles can be stolen, the most common is having the keys stolen. Once a thief has your keys, they can drive your car away.

Other secondary vehicle immobilisers have either a remote which is typically attached to the keys, or have visibly fitted accessories to the vehicle which can be traced back to the unit and removed or bypassed.

The Ghost is invisible. Unless someone tries to start, run and drive your vehicle, they won’t know an immobiliser is installed at all.

Key benefits of a Ghost

Vehicle theft is on the rise and without protection, your vehicle is left vulnerable. With the use of a Ghost Immobiliser, however, your vehicle remains protected and car thieves are stopped in their tracks. 

With easy access via the Android or Apple App, the Ghost Immobiliser can also be switched to different modes, such as Valet mode. Protect your pride and joy and never look back with the Ghost Immobiliser.

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Does a Ghost Immobiliser work on every vehicle?

Unfortunately, no.

The Ghost Immobiliser can technically only be installed into vehicles that have a Controller Area Network (CAN), which all vehicles after 2008 will have. The Ghost is also very vehicle-specific, as it works differently on each model.

On some models it will prevent the vehicle from starting and running, while on other models it will start and run, but not let you take it out of gear.

A compatibility list which is updated monthly can be found here:

Ghost Compatibility

Make Your Vehicle Unstealable

Mobile Installation

Quick, convenient and efficient mobile installation.

Invisible & undetectable

The Ghost Immobiliser cannot be seen or detected by vehicle thieves, making it a safe and effective way to protect your vehicle.

Changeable disarm code

With heightened security settings, the Ghost will allow you to change your disarm code whenever you need.

Service / Valet mode

Leaving your car with a valet? Simply switch your Immobiliser into service/valet mode.

Onboard CAN data network

The Ghost Immobiliser seamlessly integrates with your vehicles existing CAN Network.

App for Android & Apple

Easily downloadable on your phone or tablet, the Ghost Immobiliser can be controlled right from your fingertips.

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