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Lost your BMW car keys?

Have you lost all of the keys to your BMW? Through a dealership, a replacement key needs to be sent from Germany, which can take weeks. Fortunately, we specialise in Spare and Replacement BMW Keys. We also offer an on-the-spot service.

We’re the most experienced BMW key replacement specialists in Australia, with a long list of satisfied customers.

We specialise in all types of Replacement BMW Keys.

BMW Car Keys

Do you need to replace your BMW car keys?

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Lost or Misplaced BMW Keys.

Here are the types of key and immobiliser systems BMW use:

EWS – from 1996 uses a Bladed Key, which you insert into the ignition lock and twist for the engine to start. This system can run all the way up to 2011 on some X3 E83 models.

CAS – from 2005 uses a Slot Key. This key is typically inserted into a slot in the dash. You then press a Start/Stop button to start the engine. These can also come with Comfort Access, so you don’t need to insert the key into a slot at all.

FEM – from 2011 use a Smart Key. You simply have the key in your pocket and press a Start/Stop button to start your vehicle. These vehicles are Dealer Only in an All Keys Lost scenario, so unfortunately we can’t help you if you have no keys. That’s why it’s so important to have a spare!

We also specialise in BMW Keys, with services to reset and reuse old Smart Keys.

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