Chrysler Car Key Replacement


Lost your Chrysler car keys?

If you’re unfortunate enough to have lost the last remaining key for your Chrysler, the team at Replacement Car Keys can get you back to driving in no time.

A lot of newer Chrysler vehicles can only have Genuine keys programmed to start the vehicle – but with new technology, we can provide you with a more cost effective Aftermarket alternative which will give you a Remote Key that will not only start your Chrysler, but it will lock and unlock the vehicle from a distance.

We specialise in all types of Replacement Chrysler Keys.

Chrysler Car Keys

Do you need to replace your Chrysler car keys?

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Lost or Misplaced Chrysler Keys.

Each Chrysler has a unique 4 digit Pin Code that acts as a password, and it is required to program any keys to start the vehicle. Sometimes this code can be extracted via plugging a diagnostic device into the vehicle, and sometimes the removal of an Immobliser unit from your vehicle is necessary in order to retrieve it. If we can’t obtain this code, you’ll be required to obtain it from your local Chrysler dealer.

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We also specialise in Chrysler Keys, with services to reset and reuse old Smart Keys.

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