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Lost or Misplaced Mini Keys.

There are a few different types of Immobiliser Systems found in Mini vehicles:

The R50 and R53 Mini Cooper come with a Valeo Remote Key. The remote is programmed using a barcode, and requires Genuine Keys and specialised equipment. We’re currently working on a solution for the remotes on these models, but we can easily program a key to start the car.

Meanwhile, R56 and R60 Mini Cooper and Countryman models come with a circular slot key. You need to insert the key into the slot then press a Start/Stop button to start your vehicle. Our equipment can program these slot keys quite easily. If your vehicle has had a software update, it’s possible we’ll need to remove the CAS from your vehicle to program new keys. This is a lenghty process, but we’re highly experienced.

The F56 uses a newer immobiliser system called FEM/BDC. We can provide you with a spare key, but in an All Keys Lost scenario only a Dealership can help you. That’s why it’s so important to act now and get a spare key while you can.

We also specialise in Mini Keys, with services to reset and reuse old Smart Keys.

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