Spare Skoda Car Keys


Spare Car Keys.

Searching the web for a company that sells Replacement and Spare Skoda Keys? Look no further. Replacement Car Keys can provide you with keys for most Skoda vehicles on the spot! We specialise in Skoda vehicles. We also come to you!

Skoda is part of the Volkswagen Audi Group (VAG) so their vehicles are therefore fitted with the same type of Immobiliser Systems. Other Locksmiths don’t have the equipment to program keys for Skoda vehicles.

We can get you back on the road.

Each Skoda has its own unique Component Security and Immobiliser Security Code. This information will need to extracted from your vehicle’s Immobiliser in order to program any new keys to your Skoda. Luckily our specialised equipment is designed to do exactly that.

Keys ordered through a Skoda Dealership are precoded from overseas then sent to Australia. This will take from days to weeks! Replacement Car Keys program keys on the spot at your home, workplace and in our workshop.

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2013+ MQB Skoda Vehicles.

2013+ VW, Audi and Skoda are built with an updated platform called the MQB Platform.

The MQB platform comes with a completely redesigned and enhanced security system, so this makes it much more difficult for us to program new keys.
Providing you with a spare key for your MQB Skoda will depend completely upon the Hardware and Firmware within your Instrument Cluster.

If you have no keys for your 2013+ Skoda, your only option is to go through your local Skoda dealership. At the time of writing, there is no equipment available to us that can help you out in an All Keys Lost Scenario.

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