BMW Keys Brisbane

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Our Brisbane branch has recently had a huge update to our BMW key programming equipment and software and can now provide keys to most BMW vehicles on Australian Roads up 2012.

Older style BMW vehicles use a Bladed Key, where you insert the key into the ignition in order to start the engine. These are commonly referred to as “Diamond Style Keys”. If you were to purchase a Diamond Style key through a BMW Dealer it usually takes at least 2 weeks to arrive from overseas and will set you back anywhere from $500 to $600.

Newer BMW vehicles utilise a “Slot or Proximity Key” which have a Push to Start Button on the dashboard to start the vehicle. We’re proud to announce that our Brisbane office is now able to program spare keys or complete Replacement BMW Keys for if you’re unlucky enough to have misplaced your only key.

If you’ve serviced your BMW at a Genuine BMW Dealership within the last 3 years – they’ve more than likely applied an update to your car’s computer which will stop a lot of other Automotive Locksmiths from programming new keys to your vehicle. Luckily we have the knowledge, experience and equipment to bypass this security and provide you with a new remote key on the spot.

If you would like to book an appointment with us for a spare Diamond or Slot key, or for if you’ve misplaced, broken or had all of your BMW keys stolen, we can come to you and make a new Remote Key on the spot in the same day. It can take as little as 20mins for a spare key, and we’re significantly cheaper, and substantially quicker than a dealer.
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